Seasonal until November 20127. Wranglers are responsible for the day to day of the corral and horses. Wrangler's first priority is safety of the guest & horses. Although hired as a wrangler persons must be willing to do all jobs asked of them. Wrangler duties include but not limited to: -grooming feeding and saddling -conduct safe and fun rides for the guests -be in control of your ride and stay alert for any safety issues -help with evening activities -maintain fence and corrals -stack hay -operate tractor to feed -inspect and hook up truck and trailer -must be a confident rider -must be able to communicate to guest how to ride, and have the fortitude to enforce it. -have working knowledge of horses, tack, and ranch work -be able to engage guest in conversation both on the trail and at the ranch -be able at times, to put in long hours,(6am to 9pm) -valid drivers license -lift 75 lbs repeatedly As a wrangler you are interacting with the guest often and must be able to think on your feet, keep the guest happy without being careless of violating Bar W rules and regulations.