Seeking an ENGINEERING PERMIT TECH I who performs engineering reviews of construction site plans for all structures to be built in the Missoula area. Performs engineering inspections, code compliance and develops computer aided technical designs and databases. Must have any combination of education and experience equivalent to a high school diploma and two years of post-secondary education in engineering, architecture or construction related field, OR high school diploma and three years of experience relating to construction, construction inspection, repair and maintenance of municipal streets and infrastructure, and/or code enforcement. Must have and maintain a current Montana driver's license. Will conduct technical review of development plans to ensure the interface of private and public infrastructure complies with applicable policies and regulations; review Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP) permits; review development proposals for driveway and sidewalk requirements, including type, size and location; evaluate elements of on-site traffic and pedestrian circulation patterns for conformance to local code, to minimize potential hazardous impacts to public rights-of-way and to ensure safe and efficient circulation on-site; interpret and apply complex regulations and standards to determine whether development proposals are in need of other local, state and/or federal requirements; perform technical reviews, provide input, identify deficiencies and make recommendations to appropriate staff so development and other land use actions including conditional use permits and subdivision and site review applications can proceed. Utilize submitted engineering plans to review and approve all building and zoning permit applications for compliance with City of Missoula site development, right-of-way and parking requirements, Federal Fair Housing Act standards, ADA accessibility standards, and SWPPP standards; review and calculate sewer connection fees. Research the existence and location of public and private easements, whether private easements are required in conjunction with specific development proposals, and review private easements to ensure compliance with standards; identify potential conflicts of private development with public rights-of-way, public infrastructure including street trees and public utility easements; evaluate applications for sidewalks, driveways, fences, building moves, temporary closures, and excavation within the right-of-way; review and approve traffic control plans in conjunction with private uses of the right-of-way; conduct inspections of work performed in the public right-of-way including street cuts, paving, right-of-way work permits and fences; conduct site inspections for compliance with engineering and accessibility standards; inspect installation of SWPPP requirements; inspect contractor designed traffic control plans for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; work closely with building and zoning reviewers to ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. //JH