CITY OF KALISPELL Traffic Sign and Signal Technician in KALISPELL, Montana

This position is responsible for the maintenance and operation of traffic control including but not limited to signs, signals, street lights, construction zones, and pavement markings for the City of Kalispell. Diverse responsibilities require skills and knowledge of the technical and mechanical aspects of traffic controls and operations. Possess effective written and oral communications with co-workers and regulating agencies. Position also requires exceptional diplomatic and customer service skills in representing City policies and working effectively with the public.Essential Duties and Responsibilities:Maintenance and Operations (95%)1. Responsible for the proper management, maintenance, and repair of the City's traffic control operations including but not limited to, curb and pavement marking (latex based paints), road closures, parade events, street and decorative lighting, traffic signals, vehicle detection, and repair and installation of signs and sign posts.2. Operates a boom truck at heights up to sixty five (65) feet.3. Performs all duties in conformance with appropriate safety and security regulations.4. Maintains a variety of records relating to inspection, installation, maintenance activities, repairs, and/ or other projects for traffic control operations.5. Maintains contacts with agencies and organizations that discuss, interpret, create, and modify policies, rules and regulations in relation to the job duties.6. Responds to routine and emergency requests for locates associated with City owned traffic control systems and street lights. Obtains locations of other utilities (electric, gas, telephone, CCTV, etc.) when necessary in conjunction with construction of City facilities.7. Responds to emergency calls at any time. Must be able to carry the pager and respond to pager call-outs.8. Operates light and medium-sized construction and power equipment and vehicles as listed below in Section H.9. Drive trucks of various sizes and weights in the loading, hauling and unloading of various equipment, gravel, and sand.10. Responds to customer requests for assistance regarding downed signs, light outages, and sight obstruction issues. Identifies potential solutions, explains findings to supervisor, and repairs as directed by supervisor or as necessary to maintain safe and reliable traffic flows.11. Insures the proper maintenance of equipment and tools by cleaning and checking equipment and tools after use. Orders materials, equipment, signs, signals, luminaire, and other lighting supplies.12. Operates and maintains a line striper, driver, and airless painter. Paints yellow curbing within the City limits and paints traffic control symbols.13. Performs traffic counts, radar speed studies, and collects data from such studies.14. Responsible to identify, track and remove sight distance obstructions throughout the City.15. Tracks and records time, material, and equipment used for City sign, street light, and signal maintenance and repair. Gathers data and supports the implementation and continued operation of an asset management program.16. Maintains equipment and fixture inventory for the fiscal year audit.Minimum Qualifications:1. Graduation from high school education or GED equivalent, and;2. Two (2) years' experience in sign, traffic signals, pavement marking, street lighting, thermoplastic application, traffic counts, some experience in line locating with ability to use a line locator, capacity or;3. Any equivalent combination of education and experience.Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:1. Thorough knowledge of equipment, facilities, materials, methods and procedures used in maintenance, construction and repair activities relevant to traffic control systems and the work environment;2. Thorough knowledge of State & Federal safety rules and regulations relevant to the work environment.3. Must have demonstrated computer skills, and knowledge of computers and Word and Excel computer programs.4. Knowledge and ability to safely p