Department of Public Health & Human Services Young Child Wellness Expert (37211) in HELENA, Montana

To be considered for any DPHHS Agency position, applicants must complete and submit their application online, as well as upload any required application materials. Successful applicant(s) are required to successfully pass all DPHHS specific background checksrelevant to each position. The Department has been awarded a 5 year Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health) grant funded by the federal Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The grant will pilot activities in Gallatin and Park County to promote mental health service access and infrastructure for young children ages birth to 8 years of age. The grant is designed to promote the wellness of young children by addressing the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of their development. The Young Child Wellness Expert (YCWE) manages and coordinates the state-level grant activities across contractors and service providers, monitors the grant timeline, and reports on the success of the grant. This position works with bureau chiefs in Human and Community Services, Children’s Mental Health, and Public Health and Safety and other program staff at the state level involved in Early Childhood Mental Health Part B, Part C and other related programs. This position also works with state advisory councils and the Early Childhood Program (ECP) as it pertains to state infrastructure. The position will co-manage the grant with the Young Child Wellness Partner (YCWP), and ensure that planning and reforms implemented at the state level are consistent with work being done at the local level. Major Duties or Responsibilities: Grant Management Activities - Serves as a subject matter expert and co-manages the grant with the YCWP; coordinates updates to the existing strategic plan, implementation of grant activities, and provides direct oversight of the Montana Project Launch State-Level Logic Model. - Provides quality assurance and ensures contractor is in compliance with all evaluation and reporting requirements; conducts bi-monthly contractor site visits and requests corrective action as necessary. - Reviews and approves payment requests and works with budget staff; submits budgets and subcontracts, and quarterly, interim, and final reports to SAMHSA. - Communicates with management, community representatives and other stakeholders to execute strategic plans, administrative procedures, and performance standards. - Analyzes identified service gaps and researches new practices with early childhood services and makes recommendations to management and stakeholders. - Coordinates and provides guidance to the Best Beginning’s Advisory Council (BBAC) in coordination with the YWCP and the systems unit supervisor; p articipates in ongoing state leadership meetings and local Early Childhood Community Council (ECCC). - Convenes and facilitates state stakeholder meetings and ongoing collaboration and coordination of program services. - Maintains contracts, writes new contracts and creates contract amendments. - Works with the Program Evaluator to develop and track program goals and performance measures at the state level - Creates and submits grant evaluation and reporting criteria to SAMHSA. Training/Outreach - Develops and implements strategies to increase trainings on the Montana Pyramid Model, ASQ™ and ASQSE™, Montana Early Learning Standards, and Adverse Childhood Experiences. - Provides technical assistance in the form of training, collaboration and joint problem solving at the state level as determined by the state needs. - Provides training about development of the state and local system for early childhood social and emotional well-being. - Develops a tracking system to track trainings and outcomes at the local level. - Presents data from the local Project LAUNCH partners as determ